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Hormone Therapy For Food Cravings Orlando FL

Hormone Therapy for Food Cravings

Orlando Hormone Therapy For Food Cravings
Hormone Therapy For Food Cravings in and near Orlando Florida

Hormone Therapy for Food Cravings

Whatever your problem is the answer is NOT in the fridge! Are you finding yourself under siege of severe food cravings. Though there are many causes of food cravings such as sugar addiction, stress and low blood sugar there is also a strong link of food cravings and hormone imbalance. Ladies, we have all experienced those awful skin breakouts and bad food binges around the time of our menstrual cycles. This is caused by the roller coaster ride are hormones are taking around that time. This also happens due to menopause, surgical hysterectomy, certain diseases, health issues and lifestyle choices. Low estrogen, testosterone and progesterone may all cause sugar cravings. Men, this means you too! Our hormones are crucial in order for our bodies to function optimally. Sadly, most people are in the dark when it comes to hormones and sugar addiction.

Guys, did you know low testosterone has been found to be a cause of insulin resistance. Even a slight amount of insulin resistance keeps your body from managing blood sugar levels normally. When there is insulin resistance, it means that the glucose that you get from foods like carbohydrates that should give your cells instant energy is blocked from entering the cells. The cells therefore become starved leading to uncontrollable craving for sugar. Low testosterone in men induces insulin resistance. Testosterone is needed in sugar metabolism, insulin regulation and fat metabolism. Therefore, when the levels of testosterone are low the cells will starve and this will lead to a person becoming addicted to sugary substances.

Ladies, estrogens are hormones that are produced in the ovaries and are available in the highest levels during puberty but may also be produced in lower levels in fat cells and the adrenal glands. During menopause the production stops and that explains why women in menopause have lower levels of estrogen.

Progesterone also plays very crucial roles in our lives. This hormone is present in both men and women but it is more dominant in women. This hormone helps in promoting healthy sleep, it also balances the levels of estrogen in the body. Progesterone has a natural calming effect and is a natural diuretic and antidepressant. When the levels of progesterone drop it will cause insomnia and lead to bad moods as well.

Some women will feel food cravings escalating in perimenopause periods in their forties, this may be caused by a fall in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. The drop in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone causes deficiency of the hormones in the body and this causes increased craving for sugar. It is very essential to eliminate sugar addiction that is caused by estrogen, progesterone or testosterone deficiency. Through a simple blood test and review of symptoms we can guide you through and help give you relief from sugar cravings.


Hormone Therapy For Food Cravings Orlando FL Orlando Hormone Therapy For Food Cravings
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